Play PlayStation-2 games in PC (Even in govt laptops including “Hasee laps”)

Fond of PS2 games ?? dont have Ps2 ?? having lap or pc ?? Thats enough!!!! .follow these simple steps and save Rs.7000(Ps2 prize) and use ur lap or pc as PS2.

Steps to Configure PCSX2:

step 1 : download PCSX2 emulator from this website or comment below ur mail id ,i will mail u.

step 2: Download Bios for PCSX2 from or comment below ur mail id ,i will mail u.

step 3 : Install PCSX2.

step 4 : You should have net connection ,so that it will update or download Directx latest
version automatically.

step 5 :Run PCSX2.


step 6 :Click next,click the drop down box of CDVD,choose the second option ( ios).


step 7 :click next.

step 8 : Now extract the Bios.rar that you have downloaded (step2),open the folder and copy
everything and then paste it in C:\Users\”username”\Documents\PCSX2\bios folder. (in
mydocuments folder).

step 9 :Refresh it.Now click refresh list in PCSX2 ,it will show list of consoles.choose
anything.(I prefer USA).


step 10 : Click Finish.

step 11 : start PCSX2,two windows will open like this.Now goto CDVD tsb,click iso selector
,browse for the iso image file (game).select it.


step 12 :click system tab ,select boot full.Now u r done.!!!!



Steps to configure Joystick:

step 1: Goto Config,select controllers->plugin settings.A new window will open like this.


step 2:See Pads,and check Multitap1,now goto next tab Pad1A.


Mapping :wwe_smackdown_here_comes_the_pain-4 (1) images

step 3:Click square and click a button in joystick to which u want to assign square.Likewise do
for all.Apply it.U r done .close it and run the game.Njoy!!!.


Download games from torrents ( smack down pain,Raw vs smackdown,God of war 1 and 2 etc… all available in iso format)

games :

If you feel uncomfortable in downloading ,just comment ur mail id below, i will send u pcsx2+bios and if u want Smackdown Pain game ,request that also ,i will share it in google Drive. U can get games from Rich street also ,30 rs only.

Any help?, feel free to comment below.

Note: u can play game only in analog joysticks  ,I prefer Zebronic joypad (450 rs  in rich street and 670 rs in Flipkart).

flipkart :


14 Responses to “Play PlayStation-2 games in PC (Even in govt laptops including “Hasee laps”)”
  1. Raja says:

    Thanks for the post.
    I have a PS2. Pls provide a post to make a PS2 play games from a USB

  2. Ose says:

    Thanks boss for those link u ve posted . I have downloaded the PCSX2…+ d bios file ….but i av problm wit the step 11. On the ISO selector , i cnt find d ISO image file …(game) . What i sw there is just ‘browse’ .So i couldn’t select it . And pls i cnt find a compress God of war in ISO format to download..pls i need your help … Thanks man .

  3. Samsung Retarded says:

    pls send me Smack down pain in google drive cuz it getz downloaded instantly from google drive and all other websites take 1 day to complete the download

  4. sivapathi says:

    please sent Bios for PCSX2 download link. the 4shared link not worked.


  5. akash kumar rrai says:

    send me

  6. saran says:

    plz, send bios pack,,,

  7. Vignesh says:

    Dude we can play with keyboard also just go to control pad and select pad 1 and set which is suitable for u

  8. sandy says:

    I can’t download anything from this above link. So please send me the all softwares and games downloading link to my email id please…

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