A Die Hard Trek ( Nagala North East with Chennai Trekkers Club)

A forest with “no Power and no Tower” = Nagala North East of Andhra Pradesh.

U wanna go for a deadly safest trek ,I mean not like school treks?
U wanna try rope climbing ,pool swimming in rocky valleys?
U want to have a camp fire inside a dense forest where pythons roam around?
U are a person who always wants to enjoy life with nature?
U are a person who want to take risk and taste the sweetness of life and nature?
U are a person without selfishness and wants to mingle with strangers and enjoy a day with them?
U are a person who wants to avoid plastic ,go green ,non alcoholic at-least for a day?
U want to do all these things for just Rs.500?

Then continue reading this……forgive my English

I applied for a trek with Chennai trekkers club(CTC)(http://www.chennaitrekkers.org/).And luckily i got selected in my first attempt.Since its their sixth birthday they put many events
and i came to know ctc few weeks back ,i followed the site and applied.

They shortlisted some 20 people and including organizers the count was 25.They pickedup everyone in 4 cars and we gathered near koyambedu at 6pm on friday eve (21/2/2014). At that time i dono i gonna do all the above mentioned things..i thought it gonna end up in a kilometers of walk.

We started and ate near Uthukottai ( without using any plastics )Because CTC theme is “We enter forest,Trek and Leave forest as it is“.

We reached a village at base hills of Nagala at 11pm and put a camp there and camp fire and everyone started to mingle with each other.Some of the organizers shared theirviews and experience with CTC.

No one knows each other till then,i also went alone and not with my friends.Then we slept in base hills and Masu,Praveen,Parthiban (organizers of ctc and also Called as Emperors of CTC) woke-up everyone at 5 AM on.

We put a campfire again and everyone stood near the heat and the cold automatically ran away from us.Then we finished our early morning duties and share common food with everyone(Thokku mix,rice,poli,hand made chocolate,electrolyte,milk halwa,bread and jam and a bottle of water).
We saw sunrise at base hills (Wherever i go,i wont miss this).We saw the

Nature’s red ball slowly rising and spreading it light over us.We started trek,at first it was a catch-up walk .We walked inside a forest and we spoke with each-other with small intro.And we entered the forest ,a beautiful stream of pure

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Stream of Water welcome us.We took water from it and everyone took a snap there.Then we enter through bamboos,thorns and we walked nearly 6 kms inside and reached a slope which leads to a small wide pool of water.At that time even though we walked for 6kms without food we were fresh,We had poli(a sweet),idlies and some sweets and collected garbages in a garbage bag(That’s make CTC differ from others) and put it in our bag.We had few snaps there and started walking.

Now the real trek starts.We walked inside the hilly forest area,and we followed the stream flow.Organizer had GPS and they know the trial( Path ),We followed them.Then we walked for another 6km against hilly rocks and streams..many fell down in streams and me too.We reached a pool,it had a beautiful flow of water with water falls..we enjoyed there and had a small bath.

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They said another one pool is there..so we continued our walk.After that rocks were slopes and little bit wet,We tried hard,helped each-other and reached the second pool.This one was too deep ,we just see a big black hole in the pool.
Since am a beginner in swimming i used swimming tube(78rs in saravana stores T nagar) and had a swim in it,i gave that to everyone who were beginners like me,everyone had their day there.They said trekk will be over in few min,i was thinking that’s it? it was very easy..but the real trek starts from there……..

We reached a place .A small pool suitable place to take rest and cook,from that place the peak was 3 to 4 km to reach and we have to cross two cliffs by just using ropes and no support and then we have to climb the rolling stones to reach the peak,if we fell down..we fall in a water valley….think that u were in that place…

This was optional..people who dont want to try this can sit there and cook rice and take rest.But no one is ready to cook..so all tried to climb the first cliff…and the thing is everyone climbed it by using ropes..and all thier energy got drained.
This cliff is deadly and full of sloping surface which is wet.everyone managed to climb it,But ater climbing the first clip ..we can able to see the Second….

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The Second Cliff : It was like a narrow zig zag cliff in left side and had a small cave and water fall..and also a deep back pool in the right side..and Masu took rope and climbed the cliff and tied it in the tree.
We have to cross a one man deep pool to jump on a stone that will give access to it.After seeing this 15 people went down and they were ready to cook for all.Thanks for those guys.

Only 10 people including me started to climb it,i had a GPS around my neck and mobile in pocket.pocket. Everyone climbed the cliff by one by one ,for each step our heart beat rises.And thank god everyone reached the top of the second cliff without any accident.And then we started moving to the top which is full of bushes and rolling stones.
We followed alternate sides (if am coming in right side,person following should come in left so that if any stone fall down becoz of me ,it wont fall in his head).
At-last we reached the peak by holding the bunch of bushes and climbed the top ,out of 25 only 10 made it and we conquered NAGALA NORTH EAST.We had a victory pic there and felt the nature’s beauty there.

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Then we ate Indian gooseberry(Nellikkaai) and we started from there,but climbing is little bit easy comparing to coming down..all stones started rolling ..successfully we reached the second cliff top and we climb down the cliff…it was risky and still we came down and climbing down the rope was very difficult,i felt like “Man vs Wild”,some can say its too much but its not too much for a common man like me.
Because i never know i can do all these things.Then we reached the Nature Kitchen (Our cooking spot),Our friends cooked rice,we bough tomato thokku,onion thokku ,puli thokku had a great lunch and again collected garbages and took rest for 15min ,thats the longest period of rest we took in the trek,We never sat for more than a min in 30 KM long walk.

Organizer praveen guarded us at the back and other organizers made us to pass the trial in front, no one was left back.back. Hatsoff to their organizing,they boosted us.And while returning we spotted a great forest legend eating a rat….

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A Python!!!! eating a rat…after seeing us it tried to move slowly but it cant,now i got a meaning for “Man VS Wild”.Then we took photos and started without disturbing it,spotting a python in nagala is the first time they said.Am lucky.

Then after tireless walk of 15km we reached the base hills and sat down ..we finished all accounts and closed the balance (thats the honestness of CTC).And at last we had introduction and feedback session.The day ended up with a sunset…….
Everyone shared their views and some where saying i was trying for past 6 months but now only i got shortlisted..i said “thank god i got the opportunity at the first time itself”.And we had a dinner and tea in Uthukottai and we “safely” reached home .
I never thought these kind of things existing in Tamil Nadu..but it exists and it happened to me!!!.Am still feeling like climbing in hills.Surely i will go to some other hill treks with CTC and take part in a trek in future.Now i can say “I had a greatest day in my life to make everyone hear my experience“.


Thanks to CTC !!! Thanks to all of Trekking friends !!!.
Note :
People who wants to know about CTC,follow this website and apply for an event and wait for ur chance……
They wont shortlist friends group and i strongly recommend to go alone and make friends there..becoz if u go with ur friends u wont make friends there.Come to CTC and know wat is adventure!!!

From my experience to make trek beautiful..

1)Buy good shoes ,should be weightless strictly no woodlands shoes,and also grip should be good.(try quencha in playground.com)
2)Weightless backpacks
3)Small water bottle..drink less water
4)swimming tubes (its 78 rs in saravana stores)
6)dont sit while trekking if u walk for 5km then your legs will take care of walking for the rest of the trek , it will automatically walk.

Have a great trek !!!!

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  1. divakar says:

    Super ji super ji..

  2. divakar says:

    But woodland shoe vena nu sonnadhu dhan kashtama irukku.. 😦

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