Triple Talaq – role reversal

“Talaq,Talaq,Talaq….. You are no longer my better half “, the gruesome wife cut off the landline having said the statement. The husband’s tiny heart, shattered into pieces. After all, he was dependent on her without any inheritance rights, property on his name, why go for such legal matters, even a savings bank account in his name. For a minute, his mind wandered all alone the space. The ticking sound of placing the receiver remembered him, the due he had to pay for the phone bill. With low shoulder and a weak heart, he placed himself near the corner of the four walls. Oh!, as per Indian culture, a man cannot sit like this, that too on Friday evening. Being stricken by the hard fact of being divorced, the Friday cultural ritual was torn apart.

All his thoughts were with the little Reshma, his only daughter.The way he gonna take care of her, the way he took care of her till now, painted him a gloomy picture. A divorce unequally affects men. Without literacy, education, life skills due to a matriarchal society, it is the men who are at the receiving end of negative externalities of divorce. In this picture, the future of father and daughter both at stake, by an instant irrational triple talaq. Marriage is considered as sole social security, the men are thrown at mercy of society without any adequate means of earning. As household chores are not considered as “productive” activity, it doesn’t even find a place in our annual financial statement.

The vibration of someone knocking the door, made him wipe fears with the dhoti’s end. The local politician calling himself as a sole representative of men’s right was standing with a party flag in his hand. He started to utter empowering words with the special focus on the representation of men, at-least for 33% in Parliament. He even compared India with Canada, where India has just one male minister, Canada has equal representation. Being ignorant of this fact, the house husband closed the door assuring him his vote is for the respected political party as he was doing for past 20 years on same “33% representation ” slogan.

Irrespective of years, decades the slogan remains same. Their marriage happened at 1991, Reshma born on 2011, now, as you all know it is 2017. But slogan remained same after 6 general elections. Inner party democracy and reforming the electoral system by giving more powers to election commission is the only way for us to stop repeating the slogan in 2019. Leaving these political reforms aside, the house husband opened the Quran and start searching solution for his sorrows. “The courageous one will come over the waves of tyranny and challenge the same until it bows down in his feet “, reading the lines of Quran in the far end of the page, the religious philosophy gave him some insights. Marriage is a legal contract, cannot be unilaterally called off by a single party. Making consensus in divorce is as much importance as, making consensus while two hearts fall in love.

On trusting the Indian civil law enforcement system, The house husband went to near by police station. Unfortunately, there was no men police personnel. As women constitute 60% of population owing to male foeticide and dowry death, the male sex ratio and participation of male in the workforce is abysmally low. Being feared of female chauvinism in police, the house husband feared to enter into the dock of the inspector. Fortunately, the lady inspector was kind and compassionate. Giving him a glass of water to quench his thirst, she patiently heard his grievances. That moment, the thought that was built up in his heart over the years since his childhood was torn apart, “not all women were chauvinist”. The female police officer requested the lady to settle the matter in alternate dispute redressal mechanism, as courts are a place of delayed justice that would affect the normal life of both himself and his daughter. However, the house husband was stubborn in his decision to take the matter to the court for want of justice.

The entry of commissioner of the district changed the whole scenario. The female commissioner, sneak-peaking the conversation from behind, reminded the inspector, that the courts are barred from interfering in personal laws. These are constitutional rights guaranteed for performing religious practices to safeguard the rights of minorities. The husband replied, “In-spite of minority or majority, it is the men who are sufferering in majority”. Crying all along the path, being bleak about his future and livelihood, with no sign of getting back his dowry and alimony, the husband came out the police station.

With clouds welcoming him outside, the rain started to cry all along with him quoting its inability to nullify the tyranny done to him. Meanwhile, Reshma was running towards him in a bright, corrupt free smile. At a time, the sorrow meets the smile, the latter overtook the first and engulfed him into the pleasure of having a person, reminding him,at-least he was not alone. Suddenly, a hand was interfacing in between the fatherly hug and the child. The child had been pulled away from the father, it was she, the mother of the child. She took away the child saying that it was her right on her to nurture Reshma and educate her. As he does not have any economic means to sustain her needs, he pacified himself for the sake of the wellbeing of his daughter.

Crying in knees kneeling down, giving his last kiss and hug to his daughter, he bid an adieu. As the child was moving away, he heard the raising cheers in the police station, the female inspector was running towards him as like the sky had fallen. With confused face, intriguingly, he asked what was the reason for the euphoria. The inspector in cheerfulness replied that the Triple Talaq was banned by Supreme court in a majority judgment, now he can sue his wife and get alimony and his daughter too.

Justice being restored, the father shouted, ” Reshma, am coming for you soon”. Giving way for justice and equality to take center stage, Clouds started to recede, the rain started to decline. The judgment made headlines.

Oh!, is it paining to be a man in India? thank god you are not. Let us strive for equality if it really pains you.

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  1. rajithamadampath says:

    Vejay great going

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