The Perfect Man – Inspiration from Mr.Ramanujam (The Man who knew Infinity.)

Recently watched the movie ” The man who knew infinity”.  I have just collected the implicit life lessons from the movie. Have a read and get inspired.


Block letters: My words

Quoted lines : are the direct words from the movie.


  1. “Have a passion” – No matter what it is. Do have a one.


2. Be confident about your passion and yourself –

  • “The glass now you see might turn into a diamond sir” – When he quoted his capability on maths to the recruiter.
  • “Find a path towards your dream – no matter how narrow and dark it is” – When he opted for a clerical job to feed his family.


3. Satisfy the basic needs of the family – don’t forget your family while pursuing your dream, because they need you. 

Ramanujam -it’s the best I could afford

His wife – it’s a home


Yes, your family empathize you and your dreams, they won’t demand much from you.

4.“Give her all you have – because she left everything for you”


5.When she asks you anything, just explain her –  don’t make fun of her ignorance – as a partner, she has every right to know about you and your work.

Wife:“What does it all do? –

Ramanujam: It’s like a painting – imagination….” – When asked about formulas, Ramanujam replied the above lines to his wife.



6.Discuss with her – she is your partner, you need to create trust and hope within the family. You need to convince her about your plans and assure her of your return with purity of body and heart before venturing into the unexplored path.

 Wife : “Am finally here and you are talking about crossing the sea ?”

Ramanujam: “I promise you that I will come back and I love you.”



7. All paths are not well travelled. At times you need to come out of the conservativeness and orthodoxies that you believe to be the barriers to your dream.

“Cross all the barriers to move closer to your dream….”


8.“Never forget your parents – wherever you go” – Because they pray for you before they pray for themselves.


9.Don’t lose your confidence  especially when crossing the barrier

A passenger:”We are going to cross 6000kms

Ramanujam: I know larger numbers” – said by Ramanujam when crossing the Sea for the first time to publish the paper in Trinity college.


10.Don’t let your culture down anywhere – Because it is your identity.

Hardy :“You don’t expect me to speak Tamil (Hardy)

Ramanujam: But you expect me to speak English”


11.“Don’t lose your faith – take inspiration from leaders”  – Because the leaders who travelled ahead of you might have something to offer you.


12. Don’t explain to all the people you face about your goals and dreams. Just move on and live your life. It is nearly impossible to satisfy everyone untill you succeed(Even after it). 

Hardy : “Why you do it?

Ramanujam : “because I have  to.”

When asked about the necessity of writing down formulas.



13.Sometimes you need to do certain things that are not close to your heart – but please do it for the sake of your dream and for the society you live. One day everything will come in your hand.

Hardy – “You need proofs, without proofs your formulas are nothing”



14. Even though you, your family, your friends and your teachers know that you are correct – you need a success(proof) for the societal recognition




15. might be a genius, smart, intelligent – but have a guru because Wise comes with experience and Guru possess it.

Hardy gave the proof to Ramanujam and made him publish his papers.


16.Do rewind the sacrifices of your partner for your dreams – because she carries your dream as like her’s.


17.At times, you need to face humiliations. So what? Everyone does ..every success comes out of humiliations – rise up

Even Ramanujam faced racial discrimination.


18.In your fight, don’t think that you are alone.There are some good souls that work for your dreams selflessly – you may not aware of it.They might be a passerby or your Guru or your friend or anyone who just heard of your hard work and speaking for your rights at some corner of this world.

Mr.Little is one such in wellwisher  of Mr.Ramanujam.


19.Don’t forget to give a shock to those people who told “you cannot”  – because they might become your fan or wellwisher or a supporter in mean time you achieve your goal. So give a surprise now and then while travelling towards your goal. It might be a small step towards your success but surely it will be a surprise to many.


20.Do take care of your health – because without you being healthy, your dreams won’t become a reality. 

Ramanujam was affected by TB.





21.Burn your midnight oil even in your death bed – because as Kalam said, there are many lips waiting to say that your previous victory is pure luck.
Mr.Ramanujam solving Partition problem in hospital.



22.Have a friend who works for your dream when you are tired and down….


23.Enrol the society in your dreams – it is the final outcome of your success.

Hardy : there is no proof to prove the matters that come out of the heart.


24. “Let your fellow mates be proud of you – one day….”


25.Leave behind something that this society needs and be an immortal



-Happily collected and detailed by





One Response to “The Perfect Man – Inspiration from Mr.Ramanujam (The Man who knew Infinity.)”
  1. Meenakshi says:

    The best blog post I have ever read. So much effort into this compilation of words has been put. It’s visible as it made me pull inside like reading a novel. I didn’t watch the movie but ur flow of words made me imagine the scenes. You can write a book about forest service to the nation. It will surely become a hit sir coz it’s not only service to nation but also service to mother Earth. Regardless of the fact that this service isn’t recognised like other AIS. But Nature will surely reward you in unrecognisable ways.

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