Botany and Zoology Optional by IFS 2018 Toppers

I am from Forestry and Geology optionals. But ,i am getting many queries regarding Botany and Zoology optionals. So,i got a skeleton of booklist from the Botany and Zoology toppers of our batch.

Botany optionals by Ms.Karthikeyani IFS ( AIR Rank 12 and TN topper)

Paper 1

  • Modern plant taxonomy – by N.Subramaniyam
  • A textbook of botany – Singh, Pande, Jain
  • A textbook of angiosperm – Singh, Pande, Jain

As I had only very less time for preparation, I followed Tamilnadu eleventh and twelfth botany books for first paper and followed agri second paper material for second paper as both syllabus are nearly similar.

Paper 2:

Agri second paper similar to botany second paper:

  • Phundan Singh for genetics and breeding
  • Crop physiology – v.k.jain
  • Other second paper syllabus as per Palavi Sarkar IAS – source(link is below)

Zoology Optional By Mr.Chitrak IFS , AIR 42

Nonchordata and chordata: Kotpal ,
For non chordata: ruppert and Barnes 6 edition. Made personalised notes

Ecology: pd Sharma
Ethology: Rina Mathur. Didn’t follow that, followed a copy of booklet of evolution which is good too

Economic zoology: Evolution booklet and net

Biostatistics: net

Instrumentation: Evolution booklet


Cell biology: made notes from karp

Genetics: igenetics
Evolution : Organic evolution. Also evolution booklet

Systematics: V C Kapoor

Biochemistry: stryer ( selective) , net, youtube

Physiology: Ganong
Dev bio: Gilbert. ( Selective – Internet and youtube)

Video link for strategy: Zoology optional

All the best!

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  1. Robia says:

    Will you please help with the Optional ‘Animal husbandry & veterinary science’? Thank you.


    Sir ,
    With sincere regards i would like to ask you
    for your guidance on (1) how to choose
    optional (2) how to set up a proper
    communication skill during interview (3) a
    mock question model with descriptive and
    objective answer for mains and prelims

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