Art and Culture Notes for UPSC-Prelims and Mains.

Hello Friends!

From the day I cleared UPSC-IFS , I started sharing my notes and experience via my website : . These notes were my 3 years of dedicated hard work and compilation from various sources. Art and Culture notes of mine is one such. From 2015 to 2017 exams, almost all questions from UPSC prelims, I answered from my notes itself. While cleaning up my computer, I lately found these notes and I wanted to share this with you all. I have benefited from the erstwhile UPSC toppers who shared their materials and experience. The best give back to the UPSC community is documenting and sharing the knowledge that I have gathered for years. This PDF contains almost everything related to Art and Culture for UPSC. Best way to remember Art and culture is to read with “Images and Diagrams”. So, I used lot of images from google to remember Art and culture which helped me to sail through prelims all three times. I hope it will benefit you all. Follow my Instagram handle for IFS related posts and details :

“Humanity is giving hands to others and let them not to experience those suffering that you have faced”

Link to the notes :

                                                                                                                                    Vejayanantham TR

  Indian Forest Service (IFS 2018)

    Madhya-Pradesh Cadre

5 Responses to “Art and Culture Notes for UPSC-Prelims and Mains.”
  1. asfiyatabassum says:


  2. Soniya V says:

    Thank you so much Anna.

  3. dhananjaysinhbarad says:

    Can you please share agricultural engineering notes for mains?

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