Notes for untouched part of UPSC IFS Geology syllabus!

I have already written about my UPSC IFS Geology preparation strategy and shared the material through the Google drive. While going through my ever-note , I noticed that I have made some notes for untouched part(by many) of geology syllabus. Here, am sharing the same.

Before that:

Check my previous article on Geology preparation -Fundamentals

Link to download the Geology Addon PDF –

Let me know your views in Comment!

5 Responses to “Notes for untouched part of UPSC IFS Geology syllabus!”
  1. Dewalshree says:

    Sir please send me the notes. Please check my message at your given email address

  2. Hanida magdalin says:

    Hello sir , I need mains answer sheet for geology optional.Will u please send me ur answer sheet copy ? or it is possible to download from any other website. I meed it for reference .. kindly help me sir. Thankyou

  3. Soujith Kumar says:

    Respected Sir ,
    As I’m having spectacle of power -5.5 on both sides of eyes , I’m hereby need a confirmation from your side whether Im medically eligible for this technical post Or not ?
    I have searched regarding to this in notification but I didn’t get a clarity from it . I hope you will consider my request and go positive .
    Thanking You

  4. Vineeth NJ says:

    Thank you very much sir

  5. Ramiya says:

    Sir please send me notes i have sent a request mail to the email id mentioned here

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